1. It allows the builders of both buildings and engineering networks to follow the construction process, perform preliminary preparations for the next stages of construction, perform measurements and hand them over to SIA Geomatic specialists for post-processing.


  • With the augmented reality, the monitoring can be done and compliance with the project can be checked at any stage of construction on real scale 1: 1 at any time.
  • It is possible to significantly reduce the costs associated with rebuilding if inaccurate construction work has been performed.
  • The BIM interface and cooperation with parties involved in the construction process (eg subcontractors, construction supervisors, designers),
  • Using the Trimble Connect software, which is popular both globally and in Latvia, you can share information at any stage of construction;
  • Preparation of work areas for subcontractors can be done more operatively and transparently;
  1. It creates an opportunity for designers to show their projects and created solutions to their customers before the construction works have started:


  • Visual material that can be shown to the customer – what the building or building project, such as a private house, will look like in real environment.
  • Road designers have the opportunity to see what the new bicycle lanes will look like in urban environment, for example.

How to apply for augmented reality rental service?

Quite simply – contact us, and our specialists will tell you everything about rental options, as well as teach you in person how to handle the equipment!

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