Each topographical plan is measured from the start

Each topographical plan is measured entirely from the start, thus ensuring its homogeneity, that allows the designers to develop qualitative projects, but for contractors – to carry out the qualitative building construction.

We carry out the topographical surveying  works in the whole territory of Latvia.

Topographical surveying is carried out according to the technical requirements of the scale 1 :500 , handing it in to the customer in the required format  – an electronic version or  printed. According to the customer’s requirements  we offer to perform  the topographical surveying also in other  scales, for example, 1 : 250,  1 : 1000 etc.

We perform the topographical surveying according to the orders of the private persons, construction companies, public institutions and local government for the purpose of designing and building various utilities, as well as developing construction projects, land utilization projects and a different kind of building projects.

Some of the projects

50 ha topographic plan for “Lāņi” village in Salacgriva district

Our professionalism and experience is gained through the university degrees, obtained certificates for carrying out the  geodetic  works, as well as successfully accomplished works  in large objects of construction.

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