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In order to ensure qualitative living conditions, a diverse infrastructure is created. A huge part of it is composed by utilities – heating networks, sewerage networks, waterline networks , gas pipelines etc.  Unfortunately, not always these utilities are qualitatively shown on the topographical plans.  Therefore, when designing the new utilities  in plans where existing underground situation is shown in a poor quality , there is 100% guarantee, that  construction works will require additional costs.

In addition, the latest legal acts define, that in the situations like these also the designers and project developers could face the extra expenses while carrying out the construction projects.

Ground penetrating radar works to reduce costs.

In order to reduce the costs to a minimum, there is a possibility to use a ground penetrating radar (GPR).  Thus with the help of a electromagnetic radiation, the underground elements are defined and the data is collected .By  processing the data  a very precise underground utility plan can be obtained.

Ground penetrating radar, unlike  the other devices , is able to find all kind of utilities regardless of the material used.

This equipment will determine the location and the depth not only for the metal pipelines, but also cables, plastic pipelines, clay pipelines etc.

Our team will carry out the ground penetrating radar works with the highest responsibility  in any district of Latvia.

We offer our services to:

  • construction companies,
  • designers,
  • public institutions and local government.

Some of the projects

Salaspils UKT (water supply and sewerage network) network survey, length of 15 km

Our professionalism and experience is gained through the university degrees, obtained certificates for carrying out the  geodetic  works, as well as successfully accomplished works  in large objects of construction.

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