To ensure continuous monitoring of the load-bearing structures – foundations, walls, ceilings – of the building and of the adjacent buildings, GEOMATIC uses the following methods:

  •   Geometric levelling to determine vertical deformations (settlement or raise)
  •  Control marks (nonius) are installed on the cracks in the wall.  The control marks are regularly inspected, measurements and photo fixations are performed to determine the dynamics of the crack opening.  Based on the data obtained from the control marks, it is possible to detect a rapid crack opening, so that measures can be taken in time to prevent situations that endanger the safety of use or even may lead to the collapse of the building and adjacent buildings.

                Geodetic methods or specialized devices for high-precision measurements – tachometers or sensors – for tilt control.   A geodetic network (possibility to monitor in 3 planes) is created for deformation control, which allows to determine both horizontal and vertical deviations.

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